North Korea, Iran, EMP, Nukes, Hurricanes

North Korea, Iran, EMP, Nukes, Hurricanes!

How crazy is this world? Whether it’s North Korea, Iran, EMP, Nukes, Hurricanes, tornados, mud slides, solar flares, world unrest in general…makes you ponder. Many are starting to wonder if we are getting closer to the end. No matter how you look at it, I think every generation thinks the previous one is a little crazy for thinking the end is near.  I would have to agree with both sides, that some things we worried about for year, never came to be. There are religious prophets and conspiracy theorists out there praying on people’s fears.  I get it…the sky may seem like it is falling, but let’s see what we can do about it.

First thing is first…have a great mindset for what is about to come. Mental strength can do wonders when faced with adversity. Having said that, you must also prepare logically with the essentials needed. This is something we focus on at Portable Solar LLC.  Our customers confide in us about what they are facing and we can absolutely relate. After all, we formed this company after dealing with most of what they are going through. We aim to educate and prepare rather than fear-mongering.

Our engineers help people figure out what type of Water well solution they should look for, even though we don’t sell them. We offer advice on security, communications, food supply, medical needs and of course energy.  I have a 27 year background in medicine. Many of our founders have Electrical and Mechanical Engineering degrees, are home school teachers, have Chemistry degrees and more. We are truly blessed with the people who contribute to the development of our products.

Here are some noteworthy articles talking about the state of the world today:

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