Solar Energy 101: What is Rapid Shutdown?

Sol-Ark and Tigo =Safety Solar Energy 101: What is Rapid Shutdown?

 Introducing Rapid Shutdown Systems By Tigo 


Solar power is quickly becoming more and more mainstream these days – and why shouldn’t it? It’s considered a Green and renewable technology, which is certainly a common talking point, but it’s also become more refined, effective, efficient, and safer over the years. It’s no secret that solar energy has certainly faced backlash, but it’s companies like Tigo, along with our team here at Sol-Ark who are looking to bridge our technological innovations together to ensure that solar energy becomes the new energy choice for today, tomorrow, and the future.

In today’s article, we’re going to briefly discuss Tigo’s Rapid Shutdown System. These new systems are incredibly important to the industry because they represent the industry’s first UL-Certified PV Solution that meets the 2014, 2017, and 2020 NEC Rapid Shutdown Regulations with Residential & Commercial Inverters.

Why is this important?


Well, as with any electrical system, solar panels and solar systems may run the risk of a fire – and this is no different than any type of energy source. Gas plants, coal-fired plants, nuclear plants, and as we’ve seen recently, even wind plants could fall subject to fire. It isn’t exactly something that’s inherent with technology – it’s merely a possibility. However, when it comes to solar energy, the industry is still relatively new, and Tigo’s new system is something that checks off every box on the list – and that’s why it’s important. Being responsible in preventing disaster before it can occur is the right thing to do.


What Is the System?


According to Tigo Technology, “Tigo’s TS4 MLPE modular platform has been certified by Underwriters Laboratories and International Electrotechnical Commission for fully complying with National Electric Code 2014, 2017, and 2020 690.12 Rapid Shutdown Regulations. Tigo is the only UL-certified MLPE solution with multiple inverters from various inverter manufacturers.”

As a completely proprietary system, Tigo’s innovation in the field has certainly been noticed. In fact, our team here at Sol-Ark are proud to integrate Tigo’s system into our very own solution. Essentially, Tigo has created a sound fire prevention shutdown system that is capable of seamlessly functioning with a wide variety of inverters and solar systems out on the market.

Here at Sol-Ark, our inverter systems pair wonderfully with Tigo’s system because it helps to ensure that your solar electric generator remains safe and risk-free from fire. The system itself is designed to track and predict shock, surges, and shorts quickly, ultimately forcing the inverter to power down in seconds. This quick and speedy shutdown helps to prevent a shock, surge, or short from creating a spark and ultimately fueling that spark into a full-blown fire. In the event of a fire from other sources, this same fast/Rapid shutdown is what protects the first responders from further harm.


The Benefits


As it relates to commercial or residential solar power, the risk of a fire within an inverter is low to begin with, but with Tigo’s new system and Sol-Ark’s all-in-one solar generator, you can reduce your risk of fire, and reduce your costs by more than 50% – and that’s a bargain that you just can’t say no to.

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Sol-Ark and Tigo =Safety

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