Tariffs on Solar PV Imports is Reality

Today, many news sources are reporting that Tariffs on Solar PV Imports is Reality. This has been speculated for several months now.  Several large  solar panel suppliers have hoarded panels…waiting to make a bundle on them as prices are sure to increase. At Portable Solar, we are keeping the prices steady until we run out of […]

Solar Panel Price Increases Continue

Solar Panel Price increases continue Renewable Energy World reports on 11/15/17 There is a critical shortage of a raw material needed to make Solar panels in china. Between the Tariff being imposed on any non USA made solar panels and this shortage it looks like the Solar Panel Price increases continue to be an issue. […]

Solar Panel Price Hikes and Shortages

                    Solar Panel price hikes evident as the industry braces for a trade war! Update on This article. Read about the solar companies hoarding panels and causing a shortage even now.  Call us to learn how Our company is supporting US made. For years now there have been […]